Hectic happenstances

It's been a busy few weeks with larp, larp, CaDansa, larp and Göteborg to visit larp-friends. Oh and some larp. And full-time work. It's going to quiet down a little bit after this, which is much needed, but actually, these crazy few weeks were also much, much needed.

All of it made me realize that by now I have three homes: Wageningen, my backpack and more and more, also Umeå. It's mainly it's larp-crowd that I already thought was wonderful, but that I now think are amazing. The months-long horrow campaign they run here every year is proving a rollercoaster full of surprises. I love the fact that larping with people just feels like a short-cut to deep friendship. Something I've also noticed when I was in Göteborg last weekend. You can just skip all the talks about nothing and the weather and just dive down deep to the stuff that, in my eyes, actually matters: live, love and living. The downside is that it also makes me lose some patience to make friends the long way round. Luckily, quite some folk-friends are established by now, so actually I'm doing pretty good here, socially.

Work is still a complete disaster. It's boring, tedious and eats up energy. Luckily I had some very good news today, both that I can start working 80% for the rest of the year and also that I probably can get a job again at Tims department from March onward. So it's probably going to be better soon.

It was the first time that going to the Netherlands the days before felt more like a chore than like fun. In the end of course it was also a lot of fun, with Charm and CaDansa as its highlights. But seeing that many people in such a short time also sucks. Because you're telling the same story 100 times over and I really felt that I had to keep myself in check not to feel like I 'have' to talk to all those people. Because even though I love all my Dutch friends, I just don't have the time nor the energy to spends the time with them that they deserve... It's a hard balance and I can't deal with it very well, so I hope that gets better over time.

And today, I'm a bit of a mess. Last weekend in Göteborg was pretty intense, with already feeling tired to begin with and then a cancelled plane, deep conversations, lots of love, a party full of semi-unkown people (because if it's scary, you need to do it) and now an empty house with Tim in Grimsö for the week. It feels like all the things I'm used to after larps or festivals, but then a lot more real.

Oh and I've started a little NaNoWriMo but not quite writing club. https://www.facebook.com/groups/545228255903838/ If you want in, poke me. 

So now an unhealthy dinner and tea and blanket on the couch, because I really didn't feel up to going to dance class today.


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