Searching for real sense

My current position (see the previous two posts) makes it painfully clear that I really need a plan for the future. I'm trying to get to a psychologist here (which is a whole story on it's own), but I'm pretty sure the whole pile of "ungh" pulled me into a depression and it's not fun. Don't worry, I'm fine, I'm just not fine for a while. I'm on the way to getting better.
It's the land of possibilities! And exciting things! And beauty! So time to make use of that.

Studying is pretty much free here. I actually maybe even can get a grant from the government to study here. I really like learning new things. For all the possible jobs I could think of, it would come in handy if I did some sort of extra education. So why the hell not, I'm definitely going back to school! Yay! This being the country where the eternal or older student still is a thing, I won't even be that weird old person, so I might even end up making friends.

Ok, but what study... I have this neat Venn-diagram with three circles that feel equally big: something green/ecological, something social, something craftsy. Cue endless hours of scrolling through pages of universities and folkhögskola (I still haven't found a translation that covers it). You can study so many crazy and wonderful things in this country for almost free! It's insane. So I made a list and four things stuck. Two of which I almost definitely am going to do (álmost, so read on with care), and two are still undecided. They mainly hinge on practical stuff like "Can I afford it?" and "Do I actually want to live there?"

The first semester (half a school year) of 2019 I'm (together with Tim) going to study Swedish folkdance in Malung! It's a course 'på distans', so it's only a few weekends that we actually need to be there and a lot of homework. So it's pretty cool we're doing it together, that makes homework easier. Hopefully...

If I'm starting september 2019 or september 2020 is still unsure, but I'm very sure I'm going to study Environmental Communication and Management, a two year master program at SLU (where Tim and me are working now) in Uppsala. The program combines social studies and ecological studies and sounds like it's actually what I want to be doing with my life. It's the study that would've been perfect before I started in Winterswijk... But hooray for second chances. And as an added bonus, it solves my problem of being so freaking far away from all my friends not in Umeå. I mean, it's still quite a travel, but with much better connections and possibilities.

And the things I'm still doubting about, but I AM pretty excited about, is also doing some sort of crafty course... I've found a year-long full-time metal- and woodwork course in Vindeln, which is only an hour away from here, so I can actually commute that from Umeå. On the downside, it is something I would probably never use again after this year and a year is a pretty big investment...
The other option I found, that has an awful name, but that sounds freakishly cool when you read on is Människa Natur Teknik in Bäckedal, Middle of Nowhere. It's basically 'how to become a re-enactor' in one semester. It teaches a lot of awesome crafts, a bit of its background and some pedagogy. It's everything I would want combined. Downsides here are that it's far away from anywhere, making the lonely thing even bigger. And also it's only half a year, so I guess at the end you'll be able to do everything only a little bit, while in Vindeln, I assume I would actually be good at the things by the end of the year...

So there are still things to be fleshed out, decisions to be made and stuff to be arranged... But it's getting somewhere. And it's going to be pretty cool! So yay! Fingers crossed it's all going to work out in some way or other.


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